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Midagahara Hotel

Midagahara Trekking Guide

The event is free for guests staying at the hotel.
Treks and other events taking place outdoors could be canceled due to bad weather.

Trekking tour to Midagahara

Charge Free
Period Every Day
Time about 4:00PM (about 40~60 min)

※The hotel staff will guide guests.

※From April to June, there will be trekking through the snow.
 Boots can be rented out from the hotel.

The lantern-slide show about Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Charge Free
Period Every Day
Time about 8:00PM (about 40~60 min)

The watching of star

Charge Free
Period Every Day(Sunny day)
Time After the lantern-slide show (about 15 min)

※The hotel staff will guide guests.

Star Watching

Charge Free
Period May 12/18/19, June 9/16
July 7/14, August 4/18
September 8/15, October 3/6/13
Time about 8:00PM (about 40~60 min)

Midagahara Trekking Guide

The Midagahara Highlands is a plateau located at an altitude of 1930 m. The wetlands in the Highlands are equipped with boardwalks, along which there are many viewing points, such as a caldera observation deck. In summer, the area is filled with blooming alpine plants, delighting the eyes of visitors.


The short course takes about 30 minutes.


The long course takes about one hour.



It is a walking course which will take you though a vast marshland with a view of Mt.Dainichi, you will be able to see various highland plants, flowers, rare dragonflies and colorful butterflies. A wooden promenade has been built to protect these precious natural surroundings.

The Tateyama caldera-viewing platform takes about 40 minutes.



The "Tateyama caldera observatory" is a must see. The promenade will take you through the woods, which leads to a grand caldera stretching magnificently be low your feet.

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