Photographing the Sea of Clouds


When Is the Best Time to Photograph the Sea of Clouds?

The sea of clouds is a magical landscape produced by Mother Nature. The high altitude of the Midagahara Highlands allows visitors to look down upon the sea of clouds. It feels almost like you stand on top of them. The sea of clouds only appear in the right weather conditions, but the rate exceeds 50% in some months, producing wonderful shooting opportunities for photographers. The rate of clear and cloudy skies is especially high in June—this is an important period when the sea of clouds is most likely to appear.


Tip for Shooting the Sea of Clouds

There are many spots in Midagahara where photographers can shoot the sea of clouds.
The scenery changes with time and place, so try a variety of times and locations to find the shot that works best for you.

  • A Boardwalk to the Sea of Clouds

    Descend straight down the boardwalk that continues from the Midogahara Hotel to reach a branching point. Here, a view of the sea of clouds will spread out before you. Stop midway down the slope and start your shooting. In the shots, it looks like the boardwalk is rising into a sea of cloud.

  • Scenery Like a Painting: Dining Room Yakushi

    At the Midgahara Hotel, Dining Room Yakushi is famous for its view of the sea of clouds. The restaurant's large glass window gives a wide view of the sea of clouds. The sight is more beautiful than a landscape painting. Come back at different times of day, especially at dinnertime, for an entirely different experience.

  • The Sea of Clouds Beyond Snowy Fields

    In spring, the Midagahara Highlands are still covered in a beautiful layer of snow. On one side, the sight of the pure white fields blending with the sea of clouds creates the illusion that the snow fields go on forever. The magical moment that occurs as the sun sets is a perfect opportunity for photographers.

  • Seeing the Sea of Clouds from the Tateyama Highland Bus

    The Tateyama Highland Bus connects Bijodaira and Murodo. The view from its windows while on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is your first chance to catch a glimpse of the sea of clouds. We especially recommend visiting in the autumn season. The contrast of vividly-colored autumn leaves and the pure white of the clouds makes for an exquisite shot.