Open: Monday, April 15, 2024 - Monday, November 4, 2024

Open: Monday, April 15, 2024 - Monday, November 4, 2024

Events & Activities

To help you enjoy Tateyama's wonders to the fullest, the Midagahara hotel has prepared a diverse offering of events and activities.
These events include staff-guided walking tours, video screenings, and much more.


At Midagahara Hotel, we hold special events out of our desire to show everybody the nature, history, and culture of Tateyama across the fours seasons.


In stargazing, a special lecturer from the Toyama Prefecture Astronomical Society will lead us in the observation of the starry night sky using an astronomical telescope. This will be accompanied by a lecture on how to observe the stars, interlaced with various stories concerning the starry sky in different seasons. Even those who have never gone stargazing before can enjoy it. Let's enjoy a special night in the "A highlands resort in the clouds" together with the Milky Way and a shooting star.

Schedule 2024 Schedule·
5/4 (Sat), 5/11 (Sat)
6/1 (Sat), 6/8 (Sat), 6/29(Sat)
7/6 (Sat), 7/13 (Sat), 7/27 (Sat)
8/3 (Sat), 8/10 (Sat), 8/12 (Mon), 8/31 (Sat)
9/7 (Sat), 9/28 (Sat)

Total 16 times
Time From around 8:00 PM
Location Information will be provided at the front desk on the day of the event.
Application Reservations not required
Participation fee Free of charge
Contents An astronomical telescope and other equipment will be set up outside the Midagahara Hotel, and a lecturer will explain the starry sky. The lecturers will be chosen from the members of the Toyama Astronomical Society.
*Participation open to all. No advance reservation is required.


These events are held daily at the Midagahara Hotel.

Midagahara Highlands Trekking

Hotel staff will lead guests through either the "Midagahara Trekking Course" or the "Tateyama Caldera Observation Deck Course" while introducing the surrounding mountains, alpine plants, and other features of the environment.

Time 4:00PM~
Place Contact front desk

Application No reservation required
Entry fee Free
Time required 40 minutes - 1 hour

*Trekking route may change due to weather and route conditions.
*Trek will be on snow from April to June. Snow boots provided.

Slideshow & Video Screening

Held daily in the 1F Lobby. Starts around 8 p.m. and runs for about 40 minutes.
Includes slideshows accompanied by explanation from hotel staff and/or video(s) of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

Time 8:00PM~
Place 1F Lobby
Application No reservation required
Entry fee Free
Time required About 40 minutes

Starry Sky Watching

If the weather is good and skies are clear after the slideshow, our hotel staff will host Starry Sky Watching.
Here at our resort above the clouds, gaze up at a night sky filled with shooting stars and the majestic Milky Way.

Time Every day (pending) After the Slideshow and Video Screening
Place Hotel outdoor
Time required 15 minutes
Contents Following the slideshow & video screening, the hotel staff will lead a simple stargazing event.
The event may be canceled due to weather conditions. Thank you for your understanding.