Welcome to the Midagahara Hotel.

The Midagahara Hotel is 1,930 m above sea level.
You can reach our highlands hotel from the lowlands in only a few hours.
Everything in Midagahara's environment differs from the world below.
Up here, you can see high peaks reaching 3,000 m above sea level,
myriad "gaki-no-ta" ponds that dot the wetlands,
and many beautifully blooming alpine plants.
Experience a foreign world that transcends time.

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About the Midagahara Hotel

The Midagahara Hotel is 1,930 m above sea level.
Found in an area designated as a special region of the Chūbu-Sangaku National Park, our building was constructed in accordance with strict regulations on the size, area, height, exterior, and other features of our building. These regulations help protect the environment and preserve the beautiful scenery.

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