Our Rooms

Rest while surrounded by nature in our rooms at the Midagahara Hotel.
We offer a total of 52 rooms, which come in 4 types: Twin, Triple, Japanese-Style, and Japanese-Style Suite.
For more, see our accommodations page.

  • Western-style twin
  • Western-style triple
  • Japanese-style
  • Japanese-style suite

Our Dining Locations

Our dining locations include our 1 restaurants, our lobby, and our
Standard guests are welcome to Restaurant Dainichi, where they can dine on cuisine from the Sea of Japan and many other dishes while looking out over the beautiful sights of the outside world.
The lobby offers sweets and coffee to help recover your tired body after a difficult trek or hike.
Overnight guests can enjoy dinner at Japanese Restaurant Dainichi, which offers a beautiful night view of the Toyama Plain.

The Large Common Bath

Our common bath uses natural ingredients and has a relaxing atmosphere. It is the same size for both men and women. At night, guests can see a night full of stars. In the morning, they can look upon the Dainichi Mountains. Why not soak in the hot waters and soothe your tired body?

  • Men's Bath
  • Women's Bath
Bathing time: 6:00PM - 9:00PM / 3:00PM-11:00PM
(Men) Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shaving razor, hair dryer, comb, hair liquid, hair tonic, aftershave lotion
(Women) Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cotton set, shower cap, cleansing wash, hair dryer, brush, whitening milk, whitening lotion


The Midagahara Hotel has a hotel shop located on our first floor.
We offer a wide variety of items including cakes and special products from Toyama, mountain gear such as umbrellas and sunglasses, and special items only purchasable at our hotel.

Top 3 Souveneir Recommendations


Midagahara caramel chocolate cookie

A bitter sweet chocolate cookie topped with caramel and nuts, best for coffee time.
The perfect Midagahara Hotel original gift for all.

Price 540yen


Alpine plant magnets, pin badges, and bookmarks

A selection of magnets, broches, and bookmarks, embroidered with cute alpine flowers.
Each of these are handmade especially for Midagahara Hotel.

Price 450 yen for magnets /330yen for pin badges/330 yen for bookmarks


Midagahara stoat t-shirt

Midagahara's original T-shirt,only sold here in the hotel shop.
"Okojyo" is the Japanese word for the short tailed weasel,also known as the stoat or the ermine.it is considered to be lucky to see an Okojyo,since they are shy and rarely come out in front of people.

Price 2,200 yen for adult / 2,000 yen for children
Sale Location

Midagahara Hotel Shop