Important Points for Your Stay

Please read the following before your stay.

  • The Midagahara Hotel is a built in a unique location that is 1,930 m above sea level.As the air pressure is low and the air thin, even healthy individuals may show symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • Those with heart disease, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions as well as pregnant women and parents that plan to bring young children should take special care. Please discuss with your doctor and take health precautions before visiting us.
  • If you take medication regularly, please do not forget to bring it with you.
  • If your condition worsens, the hotel will do what it can to assist you. However, we do not have a doctor or an ambulance on site. It will take time for emergency medical assistance to arrive.
  • No smoking on premises.

It is not possible to visit the Midagahara Hotel with your personal vehicle.

  • Personal vehicles are not permitted on the route between the Tateyamaand Ogizawa stations of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.
  • If you are visiting from the Tateyama side, please park your car at Tateyama Station and ride the cable car.
  • If you are visiting from the Shinano Omachi side, please park your car at Ogizawa Station and take the Kanden Tunnel Electric Bus.

Package Delivery

Sending your baggage to Hotel Tateyama by mail

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is not part of the domestic mail route,(postal workers cannot drive here)so please send your baggage to the address below(all mailing services can be used).

*Outside of the round-trip delivery region

Applicable Period

For guests staying between April 25th – November 5th

  • Service may not be offered during the snowy November season due to road conditions. Please contact us first.
  • Snow removal and road conditions may affect the date and time of the delivery of your baggage.Send your baggage no later than 4 days before your stay.
  • Contact the Midagahara Hotel front desk(PHONE: 076-442-2222) for all inquiries.

Important Points

  • When sending your luggage, be sure to write the following on the notes section or the blank space of your luggage.
    1. Name of guest who made the reservation (For organizations, use the organization name. For groups, use the name of the group representative.)
    2. Date(s) of your hotel stay
    3. Luggage count
  • Tateyama Kurobe Service Co., Ltd. does not any take inquiries regarding service.

Sending Packages from the Hotel

Deliveries (via Yu-Pack parcels) accepted at Midagahara Hotel Shop.
Accepted through the morning of November 4th.
For other questions,please contact Midagahara Hotel front desk (TEL: 076-442-2222)

Natural Environment

Air pressure of 800 hPa

The air pressure is equivalent to about 3/4 of sea level. The air is that much thinner. Sudden movements may soon leave you out of breath.

The low pressure allows various phenomena to occur
  • The boiling point is low. Water boils at 93 to 94 degrees celsius. This improves the taste of coffee and tea.
    Furthermore, we use a special pressurized vessel to cook our rice.
  • Consider bringing packaged snacks with you for your trip.


Highest: Approx. 22 C (Summer)
Lowest: Approx. -20 C (Winter)

The boiling point is low. Water boils at 93 to 94 degrees Celsius. This improves the taste of coffee and tea.

Snow Depth

Midagahara: Average of 5 m - 7 m
Snow drifts can reach over 10 m in height.

Environmental Conservation Efforts

Our Location

The Midagahara Hotel is 1,930 m above sea level. It is in a protected area of one of Japan's national parks. It's location, area, height, outside appearance and other aspects are under strict regulation in order to protect the environment and the view of the surrounding landscape.

Features of Our Building

The Midagahara Hotel opened in October 1954 as a base point for introducing the landscape of the Midagahara Highlands. The second stage of construction finished in October of the following year. By 1967, accompanying the opening of all alpine route lines, we completed our new building. The old building was torn down for renovation purposes in October 1990, but the premises continued to be widely popular place of accomodation for alpine route travelers. The current building was completed in July 1994, continuing to add new lines to a history that extends back 40 years.
The theme of the Midagahara Hotel's design was the majestic and eternal beauty of Tateyama. As such, the building was made to reduce the burden on the surrounding environment, preserving the appearance of the landscape while giving travelers a place to relax.
Our building is made of reinforced concrete, with 5 above-ground floors and 1 basement floor. During the winter, the roof is covered with 3 m to 5 m of snow. The pillars of the building are built with the sturdiness needed to withstand this weight. The paint on the outers walls prevents the walls from freezing and causing cracks. This freezing is caused by a peculiar snow and wind of mountainous regions (with temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius and wind speeds of 20 m).

Operating the Hotel

  • Water

    It is easy to run out of breath. It is as if you are doing "high-altitude training".

  • Air Conditioning

    Our hotel has internal heating but no cooling. If you find it too warm, just open your window for some natural air conditioning.

  • Materials

    Anywhere from 100 to 150 guests stay at our hotel in a single day. The food and other materials for these guests are carried to the hotel each by special trucks from the lower lands. This allows us to provide fresh, high quality ingredients for our guests.

Caring for the Environment

The first stage of preparation for food provided at the hotel is done at our distribution center located at the foot of the highlands. This is done in order to minimize the amount of kitchen waste produced while preparing food in the mountains.
Furthermore, in order to effectively dispose of dirty water, we have installed a large wastewater treatment tank to return wastewater in as close natural a state as possible.

  • Request for "No Cleaning Service" Cooperation

    In order to minimize the burden on the environment and reduce the amount of waste we produce, we ask that guests staying for two nights or longer cooperate with our "Multiple Stay No Cleaning Service".

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in protecting Tateyama's nature for future generations.

    Please let the staff at the front desk know if you do not need your room cleaned or amenities exchanged.

What to Bring and Wear

Midagahara can be enjoyed comfortably by only transferring between vehicles. However, if you plan to go hiking or trekking, you will need to make the appropriate preparations.
The plateau is around 2,000 m in height. Please pay attention to the weather conditions and dress appropriately for walking or hiking.
See below for details.

Assistance for Guests

To help guests with small children, the elderly, wheelchaired visitors and other inconvenciend guests fully enjoy the Alpine Route, we have prepared various advice and support.
See below for details.