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Guest Membership Registration

What is a Guest Member?

The Guest Membership is aimed at repeat customers of Hotel Tateyama, Midagahara Hotel, and Unazuki Kokusai Hotel, and offers special rates and bonuses to members.

To become a member, you must be currently staying at one of the three hotels. Register for the membership, and you will be given a paper with your ID and password by the front desk.

How to Register for the Guest Membership

For non-newsletter subscribers

Please register for the Guest Membership from the link below. Members are not locked to the Guest Membership exclusive plans, and can still make reservations using our regular plans.

For newsletter subscribers

You can use your newsletter subscriber details to register as a member, and do not need to give us your information again.

  1. Step1

    Input the same e-mail address and password used for the newsletter on the Guest Membership login screen.

  2. Step2

    Next, input the login ID and password to be used for the Guest Membership.

  3. Step3

    Registration complete.