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Welcome to Midagahara Hotel

Altitude: 1,930 m

When standing on the vast Midagahara Highlands, you will be left speechless: In the clear, crisp air, a magnificent mountain panorama unfolds before you. Autumnal tints of red and yellow and a sea of clouds below you change their colors moment by moment as they reflect the sunset glow, enchanting you with their mysterious beauty. You will never forget the moments of the majestic show of nature.

Midagahara Hotel, a resort above the clouds, promises an unforgettable memory to every guest.


立地の特性About the location

The altitude of Midagahara hotel is 1,930 meters. Our hotel is located in Chubu Sangaku National Park. When building the hotel. It’s position, height, appearance was strictly regulated so that it will not disturb it’s beautiful surroundings.

Atmospheric pressure

760 hPa (average value) It is about 3/4 compared to that of ground level. With air so thin, you will easily feel out of breath with a sudden movement.

Various things will occur when atmospheric pressure is low.

The boiling point is low, which is ideal for brewing delicious coffee and tea. We use a special pressure cooker to cook rice. You will feel out of breath easily. Try not to rush yourself when taking a walk, or when going up stairs.

The maximum / about 22 ℃ (summer)
The minimum / about -20 ℃ (winter)
It is usually 10~13 ℃ lower than ground level.

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